Feature Story: Ram Van Life

The Assignment

In the last several years #vanlife has been having its moment. The one-time hippie ethos of living life on the road, homeless and happy, has been replaced by scores of young professionals working from the road… also, homeless and happy. To capitalize on the burgeoning trend, and inspire growth in the category, RAM wanted to highlight real life stories of innovative people customizing their ProMaster vans for form, fit, and functional full-time adventures.

The Work

DME was commissioned by The Richards Group to collaborate with their team on a package of short, documentary style, films set in the American west. DME launched a nationwide casting search for real people with customized ProMaster vans and roadworthy stories to tell. Over an 8-day production we got to know @thehearnes, @alpinemargarita, and @rydawell intimately, capturing the beauty, challenges, and freedom of life on the back roads.

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