Feature Story: Nature Nate's

The Assignment

Nature Nate’s is more than a honey company. Raw, unfiltered honey is their business, but helping people in need is their purpose. Both are 100% pure. The brand measures success not only by the extraordinary products they produce, but also by the lives they touch and communities they contribute to.

In 2016, the company entered into partnership with National Breast Cancer Foundation and was seeking to tell their story through the lens of that important relationship. The heartbeat of the brand is Nature Nate himself (Nathan Sheets), and this particular initiative carried a close personal connection to his own life story.

The Work

With the Honey Gives Hope program established, and services such as patient navigation and hope kits in development, DME joined with Nature Nate’s to produce a company-wide family event as a backdrop for the story to be told. The resulting film is a beautiful picture of the Nature Nate’s purpose, and a loving tribute to Nathan’s mom, and breast cancer survivor, Sylvia Sheets.

Multiple edits of the story were used in digital media, positioning Nature Nate’s as a one-of-kind brand – nationally known with a local, family feel; consumer savvy and community-minded; driven by the heart for a sweeter purpose.

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Nature nate’s

The Honey Company
with a Sweeter Purpose



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