Feature Story: Borden Milk

The Assignment

Borden Milk is one of the iconic brands of the twentieth century. From beloved mascot Elsie the Cow to annual state fair displays across the country, Borden built a loyal following on the perception of superior taste. When DME was commissioned by Marchman Associates to develop a youthful new campaign for the brand, Borden was facing price pressure and an aging audience. To protect premium positioning and maintain their margin, Borden’s parent company needed to make an impression on younger audiences that were drinking less milk and increasingly valuing locally produced products.

The Work

Centered on the key brand attributes of local production, product freshness, and superior taste, DME built the two-year “Super Fresh & Seriously Delicious” campaign around rising pop star Selena Gomez for TV and outdoor. The well-received work employed colorful animation, catchy tunes, and the effervescent Disney star telling fans how Borden was the perfect match for her style and sensibilities. We also brought back the classic tagline: If it’s Borden, it’s got to be good, and included a knowing wink from Elsie herself.  In testing, over 90% of respondents loved the casting and the campaign.

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Spreading Awareness
of Key Brand Attributes



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